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Shezan Chili Garlic Sauce


Don’t hold yourself back from the spicy sensational flavor of Shezan Chili Garlic Sauce that can tantalize your taste buds and make for the perfect sauce to top off your favorite foods! With the heat of garlic and chilies combines, our sauce will make things steamy!


Shezan Tomato Ketchup

Tomato Ketchup

Shezan ketchup is made with fresh, juicy tomatoes is exported worldwide due to its exquisite taste. This all-time favorite is the perfect flavor match with many kinds of fried foods and savory classics. Flavorful and decadent; Shezan ketchup is our true love. 10 gr.sachet 100 gr.sachet 500 gr.pouch 1000 gr.pouch 305 gr.bottle 830 gr.bottle 1 kg.bucket

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Shezan Green Chili Sauce

Green Chili Sauce

Add a chaska of flavor to your life with the Shezan Green Chili sauce, made with fresh green chilies to lend a spicy flavor to all your favorite kinds of foods. Savor the taste and quality by pairing our traditional sauce with samosas and pakoras! 10 gr.sachet 500 gr.pouch 1000 gr.pouch 300 gr.bottle 830 gr.bottle

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