Taking you down memory lane to the time when jam used to be your most favorite thing, Shezan Apple Jam is a righty blend of flavor and texture that everybody needs in their lives! 200 gr.can 410 gr.can 1050 gr.can 2 kg 7 kg 25 kg

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Make life more fruitful with the Shezan Mango Jam that tastes like tropical sunshine with a blend of sweet and tangy flavors to top off homemade pies, toast or pair with the perfect paratha! 200 gr.can 410 gr.can 1050 gr.can 2 kg 7 kg 25 kg

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Watch as we turn a classic into a timeless classic! Shezan strawberry jam will have you salivating with the first taste and fresh aroma of the delicate flavor and sweet taste of this goodness in a jar. 200 gr.can 410 gr.can

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Made with the finest pineapples, Shezan Pineapple Jam is the perfect topping on your toast to take early morning breakfast to the next level by intensifying fruit taste and bringing a smack of flavor! 200 gr.jar 410 gr.jar

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Mixed Fruit

Enjoy the goodness of many home-grown fruits blended into one jam to trump them all. Shezan Mix Fruit can add an awesome taste to your breakfast and be a tea time favorite! 200 gr.can 410 gr.can 1050 gr.can 2 kg.bucket 7 kg.bucket 25 kg.bucket

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